PF Feira candidate Ngoma’s greed exposed

Patrick Ngoma, the PF candidate in the forthcoming Feira bye election resigned from MMD to cause a costly bye election out of greed, and MMD die hard youth activist Given Ziba has asked the people of Feira to reject him.

Ziba has told the Zambian Watchdog from his Kabwe base that Ngoma openly disclosed that he had been promised among other things full gratuity when he resigns.

Ngoma was in Kabwe in March this year attending the burial of his uncle, Mr. Pieter Ngoma during which he disclosed that the reason behind his decision was the payment of double gratuity, being done by the PF syphoning money from the treasury and pay it to the defecting MPs.

Ziba said, Ngoma openly told the people that the amount was too big to resist as it amounted to full gratuity and that in the event of him losing, the PF would find him a suitable job to sustain him.

Ziba has appealed to the people of Feira to reject Ngoma and also says the ACC must invetigate the PF administration and establish where they are getting the huge amount of money to pay defector MPs.

And in a related development, ceremonial vice president Guy Scott today, in a confused and desperate state wrongly landed his chopper at the UPND camp but was later redirected.

UPND sources in Feira said Scott wrongly went to the UPND camp after seeing that that was where so many people were but later went away.


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