PF finally dump Mangani, replaces him with Mwamba

The ruling PF have finally dumped Eastern province Chairman Lameck Mangani and replaced him with his rival Attan Mwamba.

Mangani almost single-handedly organized and campaigned for PF in 2011, but like many other people who helped PF come into power, he has also now been dumped.

He has not been in good books with PF presidential hopeful Wynter Kabimba, who is also the PF Secretary General, and arguably the most powerful and feared figure in PF at the moment.

Mangani joins other figures such as Mike Mulongoti, Mbita Chitala, George Mpombo, Katele kalumba, Judith Kapijimpanga, and others that risked their lives campaigned for Michael Sata but have been dumped.

During his recent to Eastern province, Kabimba publicly told off Mangani like his child, claiming he was doing it in the name of president Sata.

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