PF fixes user fees in schools, but says its upto to headteachers

PF fixes user fees in schools, but says its upto to headteachers

The Ministry of General Education has directed public schools to charge  pupils in day schools between K250 and K500 per term each and boarders between K700 and K1, 000 each as user fees.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this afternoon, Permanent Secretary Chishimba Nkosha has however contradicted himself by saying that the approved fees are mere guidelines.

He said school boards and school managements  should use their good judgment to charge user fees that parents or guardians can afford.

Mr. Nkosha said to arrive at the decision they will have to take into consideration the social economic situation of the environment where schools are situated. So why then is he giving them ranges?

He stated foolishly  that exercising this discretion means that in some environments, schools may ask pupils to pay even less than the approved fees in order to remain relevant in the business of providing education. This is actually what teachers do. PF is really a lost cause.

Mr. Nkosha  implored all provincial education officers and all the officers they superintend to abide by the approved user fees.

Meanwhile the ministry of general education has removed the restriction for candidates to take only four subjects for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) examinations.

Mr. Nkosha says GCE candidates are now free to rewrite as many as six subjects per sitting.

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