PF ‘foot soldiers’ collecting details of Livingstone voters

After a failed campaign trail in Livingstone and for fear of losing the Feb 28 parliamentary by-elections, PF is now collecting details of the voter  for particular wards.
The desperate PF leadership has unleashed “foot soldiers” who are collecting data from residents so that they know who is voting where and at what ward and also if they are potential PF members.
However, these foot soldiers who are moving in threes either ladies or men have no courtesy and have employed a forcing approach in their last resort attempt at garnering the much needed vote.
They don’t introduce themselves but just go straight on to demand the identity of the occupants of the houses they are visiting.
When challenged to introduce themselves, they apologize and go through the first name introductions and when challenged further to produce identity cards they fail to do so and only produce campaign material which only has the PF candidates name Lawrence Evans but not the “foot soldiers” particulars.
The PF cadres who look like prostitutes with one carrying a baby on her back invaded the Hillcrest flats Monday morning demanding residents’ identity details but the search did not yield desired results as most residents were not ready to fall prey to what one resident described as “desperate uncouth efforts to abuse the right to vote by the PF”.
What was surprising is the fact that the same foot soldiers are so naïve about their political party policy of not having identity cards making it very difficulty for one to claim being a party cadre other than the campaign regalia some bother to wear as and when the environment best suits them.
The three girls said they had been sent to gather information which will be used by their party to help them know how many people from the flat will be voting in various polling stations.
The PF cadres after being defeated in their quest to gather information were heard calling one of their superiors saying:
“Sir, we are having problems here in collecting the information from some residents. They are becoming difficulty and are asking for our IDs but we don’t have so maybe it will be better if you come and show them your identity card and introduce us. They won’t tell us their particulars until they see our identity cards,” one of the girls was heard telling her superior on phone.
After a good ten minutes attempt to knock on various doors the three were seen with their fallen crest walking away from the flats.

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