PF forces Zesco to employ more cadres

PF forces Zesco to employ more cadres

PF cadres at work?

Sources in the Ministry of Energy have told the Watchdog that Zesco has in the last few months over-employed due to the pressure by the PF government to be seen to create employment.

A number of PF cadres have been engaged as meter readers and other casual jobs.

And sources at Zesco have revealed that the engagement of the PF cadres has exerted too much pressure on the wage bill to the point where Zesco may soon apply to Energy Regulation Board for increase in electricity tarrif.

“This effectively means the poor consumers will have to bear the cost of maintaining these PF cadres at Zesco,” sources disclosed.

Sources are also wondering why Zesco is employing meter readers when they are installing pre-paid meters in consumers.

And because of the increase in meter readers, most of them just work for two days in week and still get a salary.

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