PF funds MMD rejuvenation

PF funds MMD rejuvenation


With various factions within itself, the PF is now banking on a stronger ally, the Movement for Multi-party of Democracy (MMD) Led by Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati.

PF is therefore funding Mutati and former president Rupiah Banda to try and rejuvenate the dead wood.

PF gambles that Mutati and Rupiah will compensate    the numbers it is losing by PF members who are joining parties such as the one led by Harry Kalaba.

Tomorrow , Mutati and Rupiah Banda will be in Chipata for what they call ‘Card Renewal’ at Mpezeni ground.

All Mutati faction MMD National Executive Committee members and all district Executive members from across Zambia have been financed to attend thanks to PF.

It is however possible that Mutati and group will abandon Lungu in 2021. Depending on the political mood in the country towards elections, MMD might decide to go it alone after being made strong by PF. At the point, all MMD officials serving as ministers in PF might go back to the mother of all corruption.

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