PF gaining popularity in Chibombo – Chilonda

Patriotic Front (PF) Keembe Constituency losing parliamentary candidate Catherine Chilonda says the ruling party is now popular and gaining ground in the area because the electorates have realized that the MMD has nothing to offer.

Mrs. Chilonda says people are defecting from the MMD to join the PF because of President Michael Sata’s seriousness in ridding the nation of corrupt practices.

Mrs. Chilonda accused the former ruling party of embracing corruption by allegedly awarding contracts in a dubious manner.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chibombo today, Mrs. Chilonda cited the Landless corner/Mumbwa road as one of the many projects through which government has lost huge sums of money.

She expressed happiness that the PF government was working towards completing most of the projects left by the MMD.

“People in Keembe constituency are now resigning from the MMD to join the ruling party PF because they have seen for themselves that the previous government was corrupt and capital projects like roads, schools, health posts were left half-way without being completed.

“We are hopeful that under the leadership of President Sata, government will finish the capital projects left by the selfish MMD leaders,” Mrs. Chilonda said.

She said the people are disappointed with the MMD because they felt cheated.

She appealed to the people to rally behind President Sata in order to develop Keembe area and Chibombo district as a whole.

Mrs. Chilonda said Keembe was an agricultural area with abundant natural resources like land and water but that farmers were allegedly frustrated by the former government and yet they can effectively contribute to the country’s economy.

She accused the Rupiah Banda administration of having abused the Farmer Input Support Programme instead of ensuring that right people benefitted.

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