PF gathers cattle thieves to insult HH

PF gathers cattle thieves to insult HH


????????Gathers fellow thieves, witches to defame him

The truth about the woman speaking in this video is that she and her husband were given one of HH’s farms to manage and occupied farm houses.
Police and court records show that while acting together, the two stole more than 180 cows, countless chickens and other livestock belonging to HH.

Now what was HH expected to do, keep them at his mansion just because they claim to he his relatives?

By the way, if you steal one cow there is a mandatory sentence of 5 years imprisonment. It means that the magistrate has no choice but to send you to jail for 5 years. What more if you steal 200 plus tu nkuku? Rearing chickens is not a joke. It takes a lot of expensive feed and labour.

And It’s the court not the owner of cows who sends cattle rustlers to jail. In fact the thief in this video stole from other people apart from HH. GBM and team found the thief’s records from various prisons hence they tracked him so that they can come and use him against a man who kept and paid them for so many years.

Now this family of thieves, ex-convicts want to stay in HH’s mansions so that they can continue stealing?

But clearly the thieves have joined the right family in PF. It is only in PF that thieves are are given red carpets as in this case.

HH should keep up the spirit of not condoning any form of criminality especially thieving.

That is the only way we can stop the current mass looting in government.

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