PF general conference rubbished

PF general conference rubbished


[11/04, 07:17] When was PF constitution changed to allow for selection of central committee members instead of electing them??

[11/04, 07:22] That’s question everyone is asking but to amend it article 71 guides the procedure in subs (a) that notice should be given to national council 1 month prior to their meeting then subsequently according to subs (b)the amendment should be approved by 2/3 of general conference…
So whatever has been done , the national council and other attending delegates should have been aware of this.. Being a major amendment if at all has been done, SG should have informed party members…

[11/04, 07:23] It’s saddening that this disregard of the constitution has continued, really wondering what’s happening to our leaders

[11/04, 07:26] Am glad u are explaining the process of changing the party constitution. After these changes I believe the new constitution is deposited with the registrar of societies before its operational. When was this process followed?

[11/04, 07:33] It’s tough my comrade, What we are witnessing is shocking..This is why on most blogs people are quiet.. like I said the other day, democracy is not just matter of saying we are democratic and pointing to your constitution and elections you’ve had but it’s sticking to what the people have agreed upon of how they want decisions to be made in a society or group like a political party…Its allowing the elections to be free and fair, allowing people to select those they want to represent them and dismiss those they don’t want… it’s allowing people to have the right and freedom of association, expression and assembly. It’s allowing the agreed constitution to guide you..

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