PF giving NRCs to Malawians


As I write this I am in pain. Most of us that know the long term effects of this act are.

I am a farmer in Mugubudu area in Chipangali District. Most of us farmers here have Malawi workers. They offer cheap labour. Almost every farmer has at least three workers from Malawi. There are alot of these our brothers here.

Last week all my workers came back with NRCs. There is apparently a second phase of NRC registration in the district. Worse, all of them asked for a break to go and get their relatives to come and register them.

“Chabooka bwana” they said.

Sure enough, by end of last week I started seeing alot of these workers relatives at my farm. And guess what they all did get NRCs.

As opposed to the first phase of registration, in the second phase no one is turned away. I have even observed that the Policeman who is there is not puting on uniform obviously to avoid scaring the MALAWIANS off.

Verified information from Headmen I have talked to (who are equally upset) indicate that the local Chiefs have been given money and instructed that they give papers to prove residency for ANYONE that asks.

Anyone who is in Chipangali right now will tell you what I am saying is true. It is not even hard to verify this.

If you would dare to, go at any NRC registration centre here now and talk to the people lined up for NRCs, over 90 percent will be MALAWIANS. They will not even hide that fact to you.

I think the idea is simple. The MALAWIANS who have gotten NRCs will feel indebted to PF and vote for it back because they feel “aba bena azatipitikisa” (These others will chess us).

Now, I feel this is very selfish on the part of PF. In their desaration for votes, they are selling our country a slice at a time. I see serious land problems in the future!

They allowed Prisoners to vote. That is thousands of easily controllable people (Just promise to pardon them then they will v

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