PF good for nothing – Chifire

PF good for nothing – Chifire

By Gregory Chifire

The PF has become a monster that eats her own children. It’s is a Sow that eats her piglets and hence good 4 nothing other than fattening for the market. The leaders in PF has fast forgotten about the poor who voted for them, they have forgotten about the youths who risked their lives to make them who they are today.

Whereas the rest of the citizens are clothed in deep poverty, the leadership in PF have engaged into a competition of acquiring riches and opulent lifestyles at the expense of the poor Zambians. They have have turned themselves into a cluster of bourgeoisie, forgetting where they are coming from. This has resulted in the increase in cases of corruption and plunder of public resources.

Our people our poorer than they where during MMD time. Cost of living in Zambia today is higher than it was 12 years ago under MMD. All the businesses for supplying goods and services to govt and quasi govt have been taken over by the Chinese with the aid of those in the corridors of power and then remaining few are taken over by the politically connected and the children the mighty.

Our people out here are suffering. The President and his men have deliberately turned a blind eye to this reality.

The PF regime has become very arrogant to the people’s cries. The President has done very little to help the situation. People have cried about rampant corruption in govt, but as opposed to taking punitive action, the President has mocked Zambians by time and again by asking those that have evidence to report to the ACC when he knows very that he controls all the Security and Investigation Agencies.

Zambians are disappointed with the way the PF have performed so far. It is surprising that despite this horrible performance, the President is talking about seeking another term to continue his programme. Which programme? I wish he could as Zambians today how they feel about his so called programme of lack of it. Truth be told. Zambians are fed up. They wish that 21 was today.


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