PF government abandons teacher recruitment

Government has resolved to indefinitely postpone the selection and deployment of the teachers who applied to be recruited in the recent advertisement claiming to recruit 5,000 teachers.

A source at the ministry of education has disclosed that the exercise was actually a public relations exercise to refute our expose last month. He said that there was no money to deploy the teachers but admitted that the ministry was hit by a critical shortage. The source further said that the increased retirement age has also contributed to government’s decision.

“There is no money, that was just a PR exercise after you exposed them so they recently resolved to suspend it indefinitely until next year. You know when the recruitment pronouncement was made, it was not yet established whether the increased retirement age bill would be approved but after passing that into law it is not practical to employ those numbers, hence the change of mind,” said the source.

The teachers, according to government’s earlier lies were supposed to be selected in August so that they get deployed in September just at the opening of the third term but from the time they applied there has been no deployment. And at the moment, government owes retired teachers over K450m.


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