PF government behind the Zambeef hoax, Post Journalists warned against alarming the nation

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) President Father Frank Bwalya says the PF government could be behind the scandalising and blackmailing of the country’s largest beef and beef products supplier, Zambeef and adds that it is dangerous to have a government that was suspected of blackmailing companies and investors.

And PF propagandist newspaper, the Post has continued its campaign to bring down Zambeef through publishing stories aimed at tarnishing the company’s image despite a warning by Lusaka Magistrate Albert Mwaba.

Fr. Bwalya who was a close ally of the PF with valuable inside information and whose public disagreement with ailing dictator Michael Sata was feared could weaken the PF, told the independent and private owned Daily Nation newspaper that his party did not want to thrive or peddle lies in as far as the Zambeef mudslinging is concerned.

“As ABZ, we feel government is actually involved and we hope the issue will be handled in such a manner that the truth will protect both the company and the lives of the people. There are those who are accusing Zambeef of unethical business conduct and there are those that feel the company is being blackmailed, so until we have evidence we don’t want to thrive or peddle falsehoods,” said Fr. Bwalya.

Meanwhile Magistrate Mwaba has cautioned the Post newspapers and other media houses against making cross reference to a matter where Zambeef sued their former employee Gregory Kapasa for unauthorised access to data, as they discuss the Zambeef meat imports issue but the Post has continue publishing stories aimed at tarnishing Zambeef.

In the Wednesday, 26th June edition the Post published a story under the caption ‘Zambeef climbs down’ and stated that the beef company had climbed down from the defensive position and have removed the imported meat products.

In the same edition under a caption ‘Zambeef shuns Trade Fair’, the newspaper reported that Zambeef has shunned this year’s International Trade Fair in Ndola, a move that some insiders say is aimed at attracting public scorn at the company, but disclosed that the move may prove to be a big legal battle once all facts are laid bare.

“The media must avoid being sensational over this matter and wait for professional examinations and results to be availed, i am afraid it may prove a big legal battle for them once all facts are laid bare,” said a senior Zambeef employee who sought anonymity.

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