PF government fails to pay examinations markers

The teachers who were contracted to mark grade nine and twelve examinations last year have not been paid, as the money has been diverted to fund PF campaigns.

Some affected teachers told the Watchdog that whenever they follow up the money they are threatened with blacklisting and transfer to remote places so they are silent.

“Whenever one follows up, there is a threat of blacklisting that you never participate again and further you risk being transferred to a remote place,” she said.

And a source at the Examinations Council of Zambia has disclosed that the teachers were expected to be paid latest April but to date none has been paid.

“Under normal circumstances the money must be paid soon after the exercise or at least April but its true they have not been paid. They are about 800 in total, and are expecting between K500 and K1,500 for grade 9 and grade 12 markers respectively,” he added.

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