PF government imposes ‘Alien’ Bemba Language in Lenje-land Kabwe schools

The PF has imposed Bemba as the language of instruction in the Lenje dominated district of Kabwe in the revised curriculum aimed at suppressing the indigenous language. Right now there is a meeting taking place at Kabwe lodge.

Kabwe District commissioner Patrick Chishala has summoned a meeting with heads of private schools to compel them to use Bemba as the medium. Earlier last month education authorities called on all heads of government schools to indoctrinate them and after it became apparent that all government schools will be using Bemba, most parents shifted their children to private schools, which have also been targeted.

A high powered Northern tribesmen are steering the meeting, the Watchdog has their names as the meeting progresses. Central province Deputy permanent secretary Ronald Sinyangwe (Namwanga from Nakonde) DC Patrick Chishala (Bemba from Mporokoso), DEBS Felistus Kalembo (Bemba from Chinsali) Kabwe District Administrative Officer, a Mr. Kaunda (Bemba from Kasama).

The Muchinga Mafia are determined to colonise the land where previously children took Tonga as a local language because Lenjes and Tongas belong to the same Bantu Botatwe tribal grouping. Other tribes in central province include the Sala, Swaka, Lala, Lamba and a small portion of Tonga settlers, there is no Bemba village headman in Kabwe. Even schools in Kabwe rural are being asked to teach in Bemba and this will result into a poor pass rate by these children as they don’t speak the Bemba language. This dictatorial imposition is similar to the cause of the South African protest when Boers imposed Afrikaans in the school curriculum.

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