PF Government interference in traditional affairs continues

The PF government has continued its interference in traditional affairs with the latest being the Kasoma Bangweulu Chieftainship where Chiefs affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo has halted the installation of Chief elect Moses Kabila in Samfya district.

The government wants to impose a preferred candidate, William Kunda who was also contesting the throne but lost to Kabila in the chiefs’ elections but scores of villagers have complained and expressed concern on the succession wrangles saying their chiefdom was gravely disadvantaged and inconvenienced by the impasse.

“We only hope that this issue is conclusively resolved because we have been celebrating the whole night and preparing food and the like in readiness for today. Now who will foot the expenses when the actual installation is held later? The complainant we guess!” they lamented.

Senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso and Luapula House of Chiefs representatives Chieftainess Mulongwe of Samfya District said the traditional leadership in Samfya and Luapula as a whole are dismayed at the turn of events but urged the subjects to be patient even though the matter had dragged on for years.
The Ndola High Court, in a bid to resolve the succession wrangles legally ruled in favour of Kabila’s victory following the sanctioned re-run results where he beat his rival by 117 against 37 votes polled by Kunda.

Tension has grown in the area as all shops have been closed for the eventful installation which was expected to take place today.

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