PF, government officials aiding International company ACE Global to evade Tax, NAPSA remittance

ACE global, the international company which is said to be getting shielded by some named senior PF officials has not been paying tax and also failed to remit workers’ contributions to the National Pension Scheme Authority (NSAPSA) since 2012. In spite of making deductions as high as K500 from the workers the company has not been remitting the amounts and the employer’s contribution.

Some affected workers who last month complained that some of their colleagues have not been paid for about ten months disclosed that the company whose head office is in Dubai have appealed for their payments as they fear that the company intends to shut down and disappear from the country.

They said that efforts to engage labour officers and even some senior ZRA officials have yielded no result as the company is said to be shielded by senior PF and government officials.

Meanwhile bailiffs pounced on the company’s offices in Katimamulilo road yesterday and confiscated office equipment and some motor vehicles in a bid to recover money owing to two workers who were unlawfully laid off but dragged the company to court.

Compare the payslip and the NAPSA remittance sheet of one worker as accessed by the Watchdog.



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