PF government overpays road contractor by K101.5m

PF government overpays road contractor by K101.5m

Mulusa in RSAGovernment has approved and overpaid K101.5m (K101.5 billion old currency) to Roads and Pavings (Road Pave) Zambia limited, the shoddy contractor awarded to work on the expansion of the Kabwe to Kapiri Mposhi road.

The company was awarded the contract to do the 50 kilometres stretch of road from Kabwe to Kapiri Mposhi road at an initial cost of K144,000,000 but in some scandalous move an additional K101,500,000 was paid and to cover up for the over payment, the same company was asked to add a fake 15 kilometres.

Highly placed sources at both ministry of finance and the Road Development Agency (RDA) have confirmed the transaction but have questioned where the other 15 kilometres came from because the total distance between Kapiri and Kabwe is only 47 kilometres. Some engineers have also questioned why ‘15’ kilometres should cost K101,500,000 when government was asked to pay K144,000,000 for 50 kilometres.

“It all smells corruption, where did the additional 15 kilometres come from and just assuming there was extra work why should the government pay K101.500,000 for 15 kilometres when they are paying K144,000,000 for 50 kilometres?” asked one source.

Road pave is the same bogus contractor which was awarded the Solwezi Chingola road. When he was just appointed and full of zeal State house aide for projects monitoring and implementation Lucky Mulusa condemned the company and recommended for the termination of all contracts but after he learnt of the company’s connections with President Edgar Lungu and former President Rupiah Banda, the poor Mulusa has been left with no option but to participate in the loot.

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