PF government stealing from civil servants

Dear Editor,


This one publish but hide my I.D. Last year, the govt introduced health insurance scheme where they said when you get sick, there would be a list of both private and govt hospitals that would be entrusted to treat us and our families without paying coz of the policy. We all welcomed it. Starting Jan this year, the govt has been deducting from us monthly. Since am sick, I decided to go to Fairview hospital today where they told me that the scheme isn’t there. Then I went to a govt hospital, but I won’t mention the name for fear of victimising the Dr. He told me plainly, the scheme isn’t there either. The sad part is that I was forced to look for money to pay to be attended to. For those govt workers who doubt this, get sick, the scheme is unavailable. Now where does the govt take our money to? Next year expect a lot of campaign money from P.F. Fellow civil servants, this is your food of thought, where does your money go to? Napita mukwai!

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