PF government still pursuing online publications

Attorney General Mumba Malila says the PF government is still investigating the legality of online publications and what he called small newspapers operating in Zambia with a view of closing them.

Mumba said the ministry of Justice will soon get to the bottom of the matter and announce the government intention. He said his office in conjunction with Zambia Information Communication Technologies (ZICTA) is actively investigating the publications.

He was quoted by the government controlled Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation at 13: 15 hours on Sunday. The announcement was the main or lead lead story by the government broadcasting station.

President Michael Sata ordered Malila to investigate online publication and close them.

Online publications have made it impossible for government controlled and allied media to push through propaganda as most events in Zambia are  now carried online and most people get news about Zambia online first.

Two months ago, the PF government attempted to hack the Zambian Watchdog and other online publications using hackers in Russia and the far East.

The attempt cost the Zambian government more than US$500, 000 (about K2.6bn) as the method they used is expensive and required foreign ‘experts’.

This money could have been prudently used on social sectors of the economy such as supporting students in high learning  institutions such as  CBU and UNZA  who are currently poorly and erratically funded  instead of  spending it on allowances for government agents bent on suppressing freedom of expression.


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