PF government suspends funding CEEC

Government has suspended funding to the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) claiming  mismanagement and illegal concepts used during the disbursement of funds to the beneficiaries.

Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba says the decision by government to suspend funding to the commission is aimed at allowing the Auditor General to carry out a forensic audit which will reveal how the funds were disbursed to the beneficiary.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Yamba said it is believed that the commission did not follow the procedure of disbursing funds to the beneficiaries which is he said is a source of concern to government and that this might cause the intended people fail to benefit from the funds.

This was when the Secretary to the Treasury appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to submit his comments on the report of the Auditor General for 2009 on the accounts of Parastatal bodies.

He said the suspension is a temporal measure to clean up the system at the commission so that public resources are not wasted but utilised appropriately.

He further stated that government will continue funding the day to day operations of the commission to ensure that its administration continues to function as they wait for the forensic audit report and the clear mechanism to be put in place by government.

Mr. Yamba has since appealed to members of the public not to misunderstand the suspension of disbursement of funds and forget to repay what they got from the commission.

He said the repayment system by those that benefitted from the empowerment funds should continue as agreed during the disbursement.

Members of the Public Accounts Committee today expressed displeasure at the operations of the CEEC and many other parastatal companies which they accused of not serving their intended purposes.

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