PF government withdraws RB’ s body guards

The PF government has withdrawn state security from former president Rupiah Banda.

Even where he is in USA, the former president has no Zambian board guard, but luckily the USA government has provided him with security.

The former president will be in Lesotho next week to lead a team of election observers but the PF government has again refused to send security for him despite being entitled.

As former president, Banda is entitled to state security which includes body guards while in Zambia or wherever he travels.

But the Watchdog has been reliably informed that current president Michael Sata has withdrawn the bodyguards from his predecessor.

In Lesotho, Banda has been invited by Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA) to lead their delegation there and EISA has offered to pay for all the required expenses including allowances for his security but the Zambian government has refused to release the security officers.

The Watchdog further understands that even security at his house in Zambia has been withdrawn forcing him to hire private guards.

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