PF govt continues making rigging arrangements

The Ministry of Home Affairs under Davies Mwila has acquired 60,000 blank NRCs and 60,000 blank voters cards which they have since dispatched to selected remotest parts of Luapula Province targeting areas such as Chiengi area.
Edgar Lungu and Davies Mwila have further released another 50,000 blank NRCs and 50,000 blank voters cards targeting remotest areas of Central Province such as Luano  Valley.
Highly placed sources revealed that the PF now clearly on the losing end has targeted to use porous borders to register foreigners as voters in next year’s elections.
The blank materials were ferried by Zambia Police vehicles newly acquired landruisers with 28 police officers on board and passed through Mukambo boarder post in Mufurila on the 5th of December 2015.
There is a seemingly collusion with some senior Electoral Commission of Zambia  (ECZ) officials who have also since stopped issuing weekly updates on the voters registration numbers updates like they used to do.
Parallel sources indicate that the PF Government criminals using State House police vehicles and NRC officials will merely fill in the blank documents which they will later use them during voting.
The strategy is very simple in playing out on people’s minds being that as PF we never complained when the perceived UPND strongholds were leading in voters numbers so why should you now complain no wonder we call you tribalists.
Meanwhile, the process in areas such as North Western Province the registration process has been severely restricted and deliberately slowed down.
In Southern and Western Provinces, the mobile registration process for both NRCs and voters registration exercise has basically been grounded to a halt and stopped as the officials have completely runout of materials.
And you wonder why Lungu is so confident of victory come 2016?
It is upto to other participating parties to now challenge ECZ and department of NRCs over this new scam.

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