PF govt doesn’t know actual maize quantity held by FRA

The outgoing PF government has banned the export of maize and maize products for a period of one week so that they ascertain the actual quantities of maize that is held by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
Agriculture Permanent Secretary Julius Shawa told a media briefing on Tuesday morning that an Inter-agency Team has been established to undertake verification on the actual maize quantities held by the Food Reserve Agency.
The team includes the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the Grain and Millers Association of Zambia and members of the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).
Shawa further claimed that the ban is aimed at ‘stabilizing’ mealie meal prices across the country and may be extended depending on the outcome of the verification.
The outgoing government has been exporting maize when they cannot tell how much maize the country has.

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