PF govt in crisis over Sata’s failure to swear-in Attorney General

There is confusion and crisis in the PF government because of president Michael Sata’s failure to swear-in three key constitutional office holders.

Yesterday, in their usual ‘donchi kubeba’ style, George Chellar wanted to deceived Zambians through another old picture that Musa Mwenya had been sworn-in, but quickly pulled it down when alert citizens reminded him that the picture was when Mwenya was sworn-in as Solicitor General.

In the face book picture posted yesterday and later pulled down, there were personalities such as late Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni and people wondered whether he had risen from the dead to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

Highly placed sources within the PF say the delays in the president’s failure to swear-in newly ratified Attorney General Musa Mwenya, Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa and Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila is creating another constitutional crisis.

Sources say there are currently a number of government contracts that cannot be executed without the input, clearance, or legal opinion by the Attorney General’s chambers.

“Actually in the absence of the Attorney General, at least the Solicitor General should have been there to give government legal opinion. But now both office holders have not been sworn-in almost a month since they were ratified by parliament. Any contracts being executed without legal opinion, approval, or input by this key office of the Attorney General and Solicitor General are very illegal,” sources said.

President Sata has not been seen in public for close to one month now and has only relied on his facebook page to run the country.

He has even failed to attend to the funeral and today (Thursday)’s burial of one of his ex-lovers Matilda Mutale leaving his own daughter Stella Mutale Nkole Sata alone with other well-wishers.

His own son was involved in a terrible road accident the other day along Ndola/Kitwe Dual carriage way and is in critical condition but president Sata has not been seen.

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