PF govt maintains tribal hate speech


PF Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili says most leaders of opposition political parties in Zambia are mad.
And Mr Kambwili has attacked the people of Southern Province for what he called tribal voting saying Tongas would even vote against Jesus Christ if he stood against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in an election.

In a wide ranging interview when he featured on last evening’s edition of Sunday Interview on ZNBC TV, Mr Kambwili said the majority of opposition leaders in Zambia are mad people. He said the only thing remaining is to run checks to determine their levels of insanity.

Mr Kambwili explained that the opposition leaders are failing to appreciate development that the PF administration has brought because they are mad.

“These are mad people. They cannot see what we have done over the last four years because they are mad people, all we cannot know is their levels of madness,” Mr Kambwili said.

He warned Zambians to be careful with what he called propaganda against President Edgar Lungu by the opposition using the privately run Post Newspaper.

“The Post have never written anything positive about President Lungu from the time he won the adoption process for the PF presidency, that is why this is not surprising that they have now joined forces with the opposition to write negative stories right, left and centre about Edgar Lungu,” Mr Kambwili said.

He charged that the PF administration is the best performing in the region having managed to attain average GDP growth rates of above five percent.

“You tell me which country in the region has been growing at more than five percent? The average GDP growth rate in the world is around 2 percent but the PF has consistently beat that target since we came into power. In 2011, we grew the economy by 6.1%, in 2012, we grew the economy by 6.7% and in 2013, we grew the economy by 5.7% and in 2014, we grew the economy by 6.6% but we saw a reduction in 2015 as projections are showing that the economy only grew at 5.5% in 2015 because of the implication of energy shortages and low copper prices.”

“This country is full of unreasonable opposition which keep blaming Edgar Lungu for everything. If the opposition were reasonable, they wouldn’t spend all their time blaming Government for the energy crisis when the entire region is facing the same crisis,” Mr Kambwili charged.

He added, “the Energy crisis is all over the region. Tell me which country where the President is being blamed for the energy crisis, it is only in Zambia where day in and day out instead of sympathising with Zambians over load shedding, the opposition is busy occupying itself with how to get to State House even using a back door.”

“The PF has performed wonders. We can only compare it to UNIP in terms of development. It is only that Zambians are being told lies by the opposition using propaganda as you know lies travel faster than the truth. This is the reason I am saying that the opposition is a bunch of people who are mad. That is madness to blame President Lungu for everything. It is the only the level of madness that we are yet to ascertain.”

He continued, “In my language we say, Pachalo takwaba ukuwamya (On earth, you cannot satisfy everyone) and this is the reason why man killed Jesus Christ. The PF has delivered, if you threw a stone, there are 99.9% chances, it will land on a PF project.”

Mr Kambwili further castigated the people of Southern Province for what he called tribal voting.
“These people have been voting for the same party since 2001. They are so tribal such that if Jesus Christ stood against their tribesman, they would reject Jesus. If a stone was to contest against a candidate from any part of the region, these people would vote for a stone.”

On the mining job losses, Mr Kambwili said the PF Government has done very well to minimise the job cuts.
He cited Mopani Mines which he said initially wanted to cut off 8,000 jobs but reduced the number to around 4,000 after Government’s interventions.

But pressed by Presenter Grevazio Zulu over his statements that no single mine job will be lost, Mr Kambwili denied ever using that statement.

“I never said there would be no mine jobs lost, all I said what that laying off workers will be the last resorts and thereafter we directed mining companies to find ways of reducing their operational costs than reducing the labour force.

He said Zambians must giver the PF Government more time to fully implement its development programs.
Mr Kambwili said the party has spent the last four years in Government planning its development program which should be allowed to be implemented over a longer period.

“Development is not magic, it’s not abracadabra. We need more time for us to deliver.”

Mr Kambwili warned Zambians against developing a habit of changing Governments every five years.

“Changing Governments every five years can bring about political instability which can scare away investors because investor want policy stability,” he said.

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