PF govt neglects Lundazi road accident victims

Government has been accused of abandoning families and victims of the Lundazi road accident where nine people died. A government official in lundazi has told the watchdog that the district commissioner has not even visited the victims.

The source said it’s only the police officer in charge for Lundazi who has visited Emusa sub-centre where people have gathered to mourn with the bereaved family.

No one from government has been to the place where people have gathered not even making arrangements to evacuate some victims to better medical facilities of the accident who are still in critical condition.

”What type of government is this?” The source asked. ‘

The source said it is such behaviour from government that make people think that this government is for northerners only.

How can we defend ourselves if people said its government for northers? The source asked. Meanwhile a tenth person has died at lundazi general hospital.

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