PF govt says there is not draft constitutional bill

PF Government spokesperson Joseph Katema says he is not aware of any draft bill to enact a new constitution as alleged by the grand coalition for a people-driven constitution.Dr Katema who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services said in aninterview on Wednesday that he has not seen any bill on the new constitution.“I am not aware as Chief Government Spokesperson. Stop rumour mongering,” he said

Grand Coalition chairman Leonard Chiti said at a press briefing on Tuesday that the group is certain that there is a draft bill titled, `The Constitution of Zambia Bill, 2014 for the enactment of a new Constitution’.
Father Chiti said there is no mention of a referendum in the purported bill.

“Our major concern is that since 1973, all changes to the constitution have been made through a government bill passed through Parliament.

The ultimate decision as to what is contained in the constitution has been left with politicians who have their own interests toserve and the Zambian people have been cheated of the right of their own destiny,” he said

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