PF govt to crack on internet users, targeting ZWD and Diplomats

The Zambian Government intends to introduce a secret internet monitoring scheme targeted at various users of internet services in the country, especially their suspected enemies.

The source confirmed that government intends to introduce the Chinese style communication monitoring mechanisms that can vet internet services coming in and going out of Zambia.

The Intelligence source says government has spent close to K10 billion (KR 10 million) for the assignment that has seen some Zambian Intelligence officers travel to China and some Chinese experts come to Zambia.

The government through this mechanism will try and monitor social media networks that are popular among people such as facebook, emails, twitter, blogs and unfriendly websites such as the Zambian watchdog.

Sources said the main target are some diplomats accredited to Zambia who may be subject of internet surveillance to see what they send and received from their governments.

Others are perceived enemy opposition leaders, civil society groups, and citizens they deem are threat to their fears in power.

The dictatorial PF regime wants to seek powers intrude into private conversations for citizens because they fear the spread of social media networks can bring civil unrest in the country.

“As usual the main target is the Zambian Watchdog (this website) which has been giving them sleepless nights because it has proved to be a leading alternative sources of news and social media commentary after the once vibrant Post newspaper became pro-government,” sources said.

The source also disclosed that President Sata’s medical team has even advised him not to read the Zambian Watchdog because he can suffer from heart attack.

The source however said it may take the government to bulldoze the judiciary in order to implement the plan. The source also confirmed that the recommendation has been forwarded to the Attorney General for his legal opinion.

And according to the privately owned Daily Nation, the idea is that government wants to put a system in place where if the Attorney General authorises, the Office of the President can snoop on all emails and internet traffic.

The Daily Nation quotes NAREP President Elias Chipimo as saying such type of activity belongs to the one party system and should not be accepted the guise of security.

Currently, the Zambian government is conducting sim-card registration which many fears will be an avenue for intrusion of privacy.

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