‘PF govt treats citizens like dogs’

‘PF govt treats citizens like dogs’


By Maiko Zulu

There is a saying which goes ‘The way to a dog’s heart is through the stomach’ meaning if you want a dog to be loyal, feed it, but dot feed it anyhow. Feed it at a specific time and place and preferably on a specific plate and throw a few treats here and there. This is a basic for dog owners and it works for every dog, small or big, friendly or vicious. At times, you can keep a dog chained, angry and without food for long periods of time but once you arrive with that plate, the chap will be wriggling his tail and smiling at you and thinking ‘my master, how I love my master…I can do anything for my master…oh master, give that bone…”

This is so similar to how government is treating the people. Everything that politicians do is carefully calculated, from the way they will ‘distribute’ development to the way they will loot the national treasury, everything is well thought of and designed to make the people think that these are our masters who we so much depend on and they are doing us a favour by doing a tar mac road or a hospital. They rule us in such a way that national development is tied down to elections and staying in power That is why the quickest way of getting government’s attention is when there is an election or by election as we are having in Chilubi Island where suddenly, I hear the people have an ambulance and people who have the riches and the power are all over throwing cheap chitenge, t-sirts and hoodies to the poor people of the island who, like many other citizens, are chained to hunger, poverty, high taxes and lack of employment. This time somebody wants the people’s loyalty via a vote.

Suddenly the poor people of Chilubi Island have become so important that soon, even the President might just drop by. Just like the faithful dog who was chained, the master is here with a bone expecting the dog to be loyal. In Ambush In The Night, Bob Marley sang ‘They keep us hungry and when you gonna get some food, your brother got to be your enemy’. Zambians are being reduced to political dogs for the appeasement of politicians. They know that because our people are poor, they will jump at anything you throw at them. Should we start killing MP’s for people to see development?

This country has adequate resources for every citizen but because others are so preoccupied with holding on to power, the wealth of the nation is a preserve for those few and the people around them. It is in their interest that the people are kept powerless, poor and ignorant so that when the masters come, it must seem obvious that without the master then the people are nothing. It will not be surprising to hear someone tell the people of Chilubi Island that ‘Lungu and PF have brought you an ambulance’. Nobody will tell the people that ‘you have bought an ambulance for yourselves through the tax that you pay’.

National development is campaign centred and it is by design. Some projects will start 3 years before an election but completion will be deliberately delayed until a few weeks before elections, not because they could not be completed, but because it’s a necessary campaign tool whose main aim is to win elections and then continue looting. That is how we saw many township roads by MMD just before the 2011 elections.

But hear this: You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Even dogs have senses and stories of dogs attacking the owners or their children are very common. Everyday the bucket goes to the well, one day the bottom will drop out.

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