PF govt u-turns on ban on importation of edible oil

The PF government has lifted the ban on importation of edible oils barely months after they imposed the ban.

Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda claimed that the move has been taken in order to allow limited importation of edible oils to create competition on the local market.

Lubinda accused some local oil processors of increasing the prices of edible oil following the ban on importation of the product.

Lubinda further said strict measures have been put in place to ensure that importers adhere to the agreed procedures.

He said this when he presented a ministerial statement in parliament on Wednesday. A 2 litre container of cooking oil is now selling at K38 as all commodity prices continue increasing thanks to the free falling Kwacha and economy.

Lubinda had presented another ministerial statement to parliament few months ago when the PF government imposed a ban on importation of edible oil.


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