PF govt wants stranded vendors to pay K200 for stands at City Market

Gutted City Market

The sleeping PF Mayor of Lusaka Wilson Kalumba has woken up from slumber and now wants to ‘extort’ a k200 from each street vendor seeking to get nonexistent stands at the gutted City Market.
Kalumba told protesting street vendors who gathered at the Lusaka Civic Centre today demanding to be allowed to trade on the streets that they will only be allowed to trade from City market but that will only be after they pay a K200 for an ‘identity card’.
The government wants all vendors who used to operate from the streets in Lusaka Central Business District (CBD) to operate from the gutted City Market, a place that was already parked to full capacity before it was gutted.
Last week Wilson Kalumba added to his list of hallucinations stating that he wants to engage ZICTA to start deducting a K2 everyday for garbage collection from the talk time top up of all Lusaka residents who own phones
By this morning City Market was already full and no single vendor has been allocated any stand. City Market Chairperson Gift Simusamba referred all vendors to Lusaka Civic Centre where Kalumba told them to pay K200 each for them to be given space.
The disappointed vendors lamented that this was pure corruption and wondered how the government expects them to pay K200 when they have not been trading for the past two weeks.

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