PF govt warns Tongas on plan to secede from Zambia


The PF government has warned of stern action against advocates of secession of Southern Province. On Tuesday, president Edgar Lungu said it was rudiclous for people of Southern province to be angered by insults from PF secretary General Davies Chama.

Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said Just because his government has tolerated Lozis who what to secede from Zambia does not mean they shall tolerate Tongas as well.

Kambwili said schemes by people advocating secession of Southern Province are treasonable.

Kambwil said this at a press briefing at his residence in Lusaka yesterday.
“Zambia is a united and indivisible country and will remain so and any talk of secession borders on treason as per law established,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili said Government is, therefore, disappointed that a small clique purporting to represent the wider majority of people of Southern Province want to ride on one individual’s comments to justify why they should secede from the unitary state of Zambia.

He said Government will not tolerate acts that are a serious breach of national security and the constitution of the land.

Kambwili also warned that the culprits are committing a felony under Zambian laws.
“The penal code is very clear that a person is guilty of treason and shall be liable to suffer death for preparing or endeavours to procure by force the setting up of an independent state in any part of Zambia or the secession of any part of Zambia from the republic,” he said.
Kambwili said Government has, therefore, warned that those who attended the meeting in Southern Province will be answerable for their actions.
He said the mere fact that Government has tolerated similar dissent in other parts of the country does not amount to weakness on the part of the State.
“Government will apply the full force of the law to crush any subversive elements in any part of the country,” he said.
He said Government believes the people of Southern Province as a whole have never been obsessed with power to the extent that they would envision separation from the rest of Zambia.
He, however, said the orchestrators of these schemes are a frustrated lot that want to form their government using unconventional and unconstitutional means after failed attempts to win elections.
Mr Kambwili called on all well-meaning Zambians to dismiss the secession talk with the contempt it deserves.



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    major 2 years

    You idiots. u think you are doing the right thing to deny the people of southern province of roads despite being the maizebelt and source of the best gemstones in amethyst the world over. You must think twice guys. The mapatizya road is a mercy and you can even wonder as to why the government is doing thus despite getting taxes from this area.
    Your actions are to blame ba pf.

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    legacy 2 years

    Chama and kambwili are total pigs -if they were my relatives I would denounce them.They are pigs because they don’t mind were they poke their nose.Deal with real issues of zesco., hunger – you are failures.

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    Diaspora 2 years

    Ugly fat pig!

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    Hamz wapya 2 years

    Your comment.. Mr president do just yap in pablic the problem you pretend as though everything is meanwhile they are not we never head you respond when chama uttered those rubbish but you come out so strong on tongas leaving the couse of that.

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    Matako matako 2 years

    Your comment..Owe kakambwili deal with chama first not Tongas

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    Hoggs 2 years

    the tonga’s shoud behave like normal people, not like monkey ‘s ..

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    kambwili should not pretend. Y is Chama let free? I pilato’s song ended him in court because of 1 Lungu, why not chama for insulting Tongas? Chama suggested that Bembas have more time 4 sex and Tongas need to do the same. SP is well developed than northern and muchinga. Tongas work hard, nobody can change this. Many schools in sp were built by people of sp. They hav nt depended on government for decades now, they are self-reliant

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    Follow me 2 years

    Follow the rights that guides all of us. Peace is all we need war of words it’s a share of time government focus on developing our national prosecute those who want problems Hon. U ar right in your statement i second you

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    KAMBWILI, the issue is not about Tongas seceding but its about what is causing them to talk about SECEDING. how did they come about with that thought? what caused that? the answers to these questions is what you need to focus on. because if you wont deal with the root cause then you have not resolved anything!!!!!

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    just giv us guns, enough is enough. nafipena bane.

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    Famous idiots!... 2 years

    Tongas should behave like bembas coz they are called all sorts of names such as ba kabwalala,ba kolwe,impupu,incenjeshi but u will never see them saying ati we will move away from Zed so how special are u mwe ba tonga? Deal with Chama alone not the entire Zambia.

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    two by two 2 years

    Your comment.. plz ba pf if you ve failed its gud 2 come in open nt harrasing n humiliatng pipo NO!

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    Energy 2 years