‘PF govt’s Arrest of Lunda chief is demonic’


The demonic and provocations that the PF government is making are uncalled for and this is a clear indication of failing to rule the Country. We are in leadership crisis as Lundas of Zambezi and we stand on our premises that what is currently happening is not healthy.

The Lunda people had and have the following Chiefs in Zambia:

1.      Mwanta Ishindi

2.      Mwanta Ishima

3.      Mwanta Nyakulen’a

4.      Mwanta Mpidi

5.      Mwanta Nyambanza

6.      Mwanta Chizozu

7.      Mwanta Chisamba

8.      Mwanta Nyachavuma

9.      Mwanta Kakeki

These are the Lunda Chiefs and the one who has the powers to dethrone and enthrone a chief accordingly is Chief Ishindi the son of Mwant Yaanv.

The Lunda, like the Bemba of Chitimukulu in the Northern part of Zambia came from the Lunda- Luba Empire and were scattered all of central borders of Zambia namely Namibia, Angola, Burundi, and Congo. In Zambia the sons of Mwat Yaanv in Zambia have a wide history which I cannot go on to explain.

It was in 1958 when the Senior Chief Ishindi dethroned chief Kakeki. The powers of dethroning and installing of the Chiefs are in the Hands of the Lunda Royal Establishment and not the Government of Zambia.

It is the right of the Senior Chief with his Cabinet when they deem it fit to install a chief or to dethrone a chief whatsoever and no any other body will whatsoever can in to destabilize the rituals of what they have done.

What the PF government has done to arrest Chief Kakeki is bad and they should as well tell the police to arrest the Senior Chief Ishindi who installed him as chief Kakeki.

Lundas and other tribes, I urge and charge you to be alert or else our traditions and customs are coming to an end.

Let us fight and stand together by not allowing what PF is currently doing.

What about the problems in the Bemba Royal Establishment? Is it because we are outcasts in Zambia by finding ourselves to be peace makers in Northwestern province that this PF government could even go to an extent of destroying our Tradition?

We have another problem in the Senior Chief Sikufele, the installation of Kan’ombi in Kabompo, why have they not arrested Him?

Similarly in Northern Province when the Lubemba installed the chief who is not recognized by this PF government, why have they not arrested them? What evil have we done we people of Northwestern province? How long will this PF government  going to divide us in the name of pilfering all the resources from our province and leaving us with nothing? Let us rise on our feet and defend our rights.

I remained Unhappy Lunda and concerned Citizen



On October 8, 2013, police in Zambezi district arrested Golden Kakeki for impersonating as chief and illegal trespass in Chieftainess Nyakuleng’a’s area in Zambezi district.

Apparently Golden Kaleki was properly installed by Chief Inshindi but another chief was not happy with move.

North Western province Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote confirmed the arrest and said Kakeki was arrested and charged with impersonation.

He said Kakeki‘s arrest comes in the wake of complaints raised by Chieftainess Nyakuleng’a that Kakeki was illegally enthroned as a chief.

Mr Sibote said Kakeki was in police custody.

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