PF grabbing farms to give to cadres

PF grabbing farms to give to cadres

Dear Zambia Watchdog
I decided to bring this to your attention please hide my ID;

When miners lost jobs in 2015 at Mopani and KCM, President Edgar Lungu promised to compensate ex-miners with farm land.

Now what is happening in Chingola to be specific, Mintimpa, Mwambashi area, instead of allocating virgin uncultivated land to ex-miners, they’re going into farm land already owned by farmers. They are allocating 3 hectares per ex-miner. This was authorised on 11th June by minister of lands Madam Jean Kapata and the mayor of Chingola, during the meeting held at Katuba primary school which is located in Mintimpa, Mwambashi area, Chingola.
To the surprise of the farmers, even ex-miners who retired even before 2015 suspected to be PF cadres are also being allocated farmland as ex-miners and everyone is wondering why these retirees are also been considered.
I know this because my widow mother is a victim, the 70+ hectares farm land she has owned since early 2000 has been subdivided into several 3hectares portions to be allocated to ex-miners. Everyday my mother and other affected farmers are going to Chingola Municipal Council to see the mayor of Chignola to fight for their farmland but to no avail.
Please post this for the county to know how Zambian farmers are being treated here in Chingola by the PF government when the government has the muscle and authority to allocated virgin land to these ex-miners instead of disturbing established farmers.

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    Chola 2 weeks ago

    Kindly to the Country am asking for quick responding to who it concern , but what I can tell you is that of gvt is working fair not because the elections is new then you start posting what is not good at public . Mind you am not a pf or what be fair guys even if you want HH also to be in power you will be doining and saying same.