PF harassing Kasempa residents

Ba Watchdog, publish this and hide my ID. This is what the PF government through the police are doing in Kasempa district, Northwestern province. On Friday, the police with orders from high authority arrested all poor illegal fuel dealers and confiscated all the fuel these dealers were selling on the black market when the govt has failed to construct a single filling station in Kasempa district. As if that is not enough, on Saturday the police again acting on authority from above, through Police in charge Joseph Mukazo working together with traffic officers such as ‘black big head’ Likomeno, Muswange and Tembo arrested all Taxi piraters on suspinsion that they are supporting the opposition UPND. This is because on nomination day Kasempa road was painted red in support of the UPND aspiring candidate Brenda Tambatamba. Now they (police) have ordered taxi drivers to be paying them K300 each per day for using black numbers. Isn’t this robbery? Before this day light robbery, traffic officers have been charging taxi operators K300 per week and where the police take this money no one knows. By the way they are over 35 taxi operators. Now 35xK300 per day times 7 days, how much will they be paying? Plus cashing, where will taxi drivers be finding the money? Isn’t this a PF’s campaign gimmick to raise money for their musical concerts? Am not a taxi driver but I just feel for these poor young men and there is no fuel in Kasempa.
Concerned Kasempa Resident.

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