PF has been a very costly and wasteful govt – HH

The PF Government has been very costly for the Zambian people, wasting huge amounts of money that should have gone to areas such as education, healthcare and water and sanitation, says UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema says not only is the PF busy filling their own pockets at the expense of the majority, but they are also increasing inequality, which undermines the country’s treasured peace and unity.

He said corruption is perhaps the biggest obstacle to eradicating poverty but that  under PF ‘we have paid way over the odds for construction projects contracted behind closed doors’.

He said ‘the PF owes us an explanation as to why we are paying US$2million per kilometre of road, when in South Africa the same amount would pay for 5 kilometres. Any government serious about ending corruption must give the ACC full autonomy to investigate every government official, regardless of position or connections’.

‘Under the PF, government has grown and grown in size, paid itself more and more, and travelled across the world as it pleases. While they have more money in their pockets, the majority of our people have less. The UPND will cut back on these expenditures and reduce the burden on our people,’ Hichilema said.As a result, Hichilema explained, PF mismanagement has resulted in large amounts of waste. ‘For example’, he said, ‘ in 2012/2013 alone the amount of FRA maize wasted was estimated at 32%, which equates to some US$450million. There is no excuse for such incompetence’.

‘If you look at how much PF has cost us to date you will see that the cost of another five years will be too much to bear. If we re-elect President Lungu then expect mealie meal prices to rise to K286, expect electricity tariffs to go up to K1.13 ngwee per kilowatt-hour, expect fertiliser to double in price again to K600 and expect thousands more job losses,’ Hichilema said.


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