PF has committed numerous electoral offences



It is amazing on how we try to console ourselves. I am not a politician per say but I too get affected by Political decisions that happen around. In my own analysis,contrasting between PF and UPND, the ruling PF has so far proven to have a lot of electral malpractises constantly on their toes. Take for example the gentleman who was caught right in the middle of ECZ IT room tempering with election results, is being suspected to be hired by some PF official. The incident that happened at Kabwata Constituence where PF cadres stormed a Polling station and ousted every opposition polling agent and overpowered the police. We are told UPND cadres did the same somewhere in Souther Province,but as a reaction to what had happened to their collegues in Lsk here. In summary PF has been much at the centre of violence provocation in this election. The results coming out are showing a pattern that not all the people are happy with PF but may be looking for an alterntive government. With that said let’s not rubbish off UPND by looking through the lens of fair understanding that UPND has for real made progressive inroads in the once so called PF strongholds. What I may urge supporters to do on both sides is to remain very calm because this election can swing either way depending on how things may turnout to be. Worrisome issues though are such as where we heard that the Presidential Ballot papers went missing in Ndola and in Chisamba where results kept changing even long after the counting and totalling had been done of course in undue favor of PF who were lagging behind by a far margin initially. The pressure I would say is much on the ruling PF than it is on the challenging UPND.

Denny Chileka

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