PF has desecrated Sata’s vision, says CSPR

PF has desecrated Sata’s vision, says CSPR

Sata-hhThe Civil Society for Poverty Reduction has charged that the current PF leadership has departed from late President Michael Sata’s vision for Zambia.

CSPR Board Chairman John Lijimu said in an interview that the PF leadership is now departing from the very ideals that President Sata was voted into office on.

Mr Lijimu cited the recent decision by the Zambia Revenue Authority to implement the 10 percent withholding tax on rental income as one that would never have been implemented during the time of President Sata.

‘We know that this government is broke but what they are doing is desecrating their own manifesto. They are going against the vision of President Sata who really wanted lower taxes and more money in people’s pockets,’ Mr Lijimu said.

Mr Lijimu observed that the ZRA should realise that Zambians are already taxed.

‘As much as they want to broaden their tax base, it is important to note that Zambians already pay too many high taxes and imposing another tax in the form of withholding tax on rental income will erode their incomes further,’ Mr Lijimu said.

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