PF has divided Zambia on tribal lines

PF has divided Zambia on tribal lines

Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba has condemned the  current tribalism been perpetuated by the ruling Party, PF.
Kalaba Says PF officials promoting tribalism know  where they are drawing their strength from.

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    Zambian 500 you are one of those people too who is promoting and inciting tribalism in Zambia. You will find law breakers and thieves in all tribes across zambia. Was ROY MUDENDA a criminal who escaped from Mukobeko maximum prison and store wardens Landrover a bemba .Think before you criticise the other tribes.You Tongas you are equally as pompous as the Bembas .You are both monkeys but in different colours.There is asaying in Bemba,”BA KOLWE BASEKANA IFIPATO” .You are just intolerant to one onother both of you.You both need to work on this

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    Zambian 500 3 weeks ago

    Tonga’s just don’t like stupidity. They don’t like thieves and cheats. Bembas love the things Tongas hate. That’s the difference between Bembas and Tongas, hense the animosity. 

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    True Zambian 3 weeks ago

    Those are your last kicks of a dying you kalaba saying those words because last few months you praised of and condemned upnd?southern province is a tribal area even Kaunda failed to convince them that they should not vote on tribal lines and y are you on of today? For how long are those people going to behave like that? Am waiting for a dundumwezi type in northern part of zambia

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      Nyambe the Hero 3 weeks ago

      True Zambian my foot!

      Don’t get history lessons from PF WhatsApp groups.

      Kenneth Kaunda actually dribbled both Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe with the one party state because he feared they would team up to remove him. He did the same thing on the Barotseland Agreement.

      Do you even know that the name Zambia you brandish is derived from the Zambezi river whose source is around Mwinilunga and Ikelenge District in North-Western. It then passes through mostly Barotseland and Southern very far from your grandfather probably comes from.