PF has endorsed its government corruption

PF has endorsed its government corruption


I am not surprised, that 2 days after the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) released its 2020 Report, in which another eye watering K2.2bn has been plundered through grand corruption involving government politicians, the entire Patriotic Front (PF) leadership, including President Lungu, have continued to maintain a muted stance on the issue.

This is because the PF has been, and continues to be an active beneficiary of government corruption since its assumption to power in the year 2011.

It is worth remembering, that in 2017, the FIC report revealed that close to $1m in kickback payments was paid to PF politicians by private companies for the award of public contracts, and no one has ever been held accountable for this and many other crimes committed against the people of Zambia.

But it is especially worrying, that in the same year of 2020 when the PF dished out a record amount of unexplained cash in large donations, close to $100m was stolen by government politicians, most likely PF members and associates of the party.

It is unacceptable, that at a time when a record number of Zambians have perished to COVID-19 owing to inadequate funding to fight the pandemic, we have government politicians stealing such a huge amount of money which otherwise could and should have been used to employ more healthcare personel and incentivize their frontline work; as well as stocking up on test kits, oxygen cylinders, vaccines among many pandemic requirements.

I wish to assure the Zambian people, that as part of the UPND’s enduring commitment to put a stop to large-scale government corruption, we will proceed with the introduction of Unexplained Wealth Orders, which will extend across foreign jurisdictions in our endeavor to recover stolen money and seize all property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime committed by Zambians on Zambian soils.

Issued: Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
21 July 2021

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    Julie Mudenda 1 week ago

    These are sweet words indeed.

    The proposed legislation is badly needed and long overdue. Corruption really is the reason we are so poor. We should have no need for foreign aid if politicians were content with their generous salaries alone.

    But I wonder how robust it might be? In the US, they had to bring in RICO (organised crime) legislation because when crime is so rife including politicians, police, foreign facilitators etc it is easy for them to evade. Just look at the impunity elicited by Jacob Zuma and his organised gang of criminals.

    We might see Zuma escape when he attends his brothers funeral.

    How will the government prevent these crooks just leaving the country the day after the election and sending out their money to a Caribbean island?

    I raise this important issue because we do not want to be disappointed.

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    THE SAINT 2 weeks ago

    The European and US governments are ready to help.

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    PF’s corruption,lies,violence and thuggery mentality must be voted out of office. Zambia deserves better. PF’s motives were always to keep Zambia backwards.Let’s not forget PF dancing “Dununa Rivesi” We need new leadership to move Zambia forward not

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    Muwerewere Musemwa kweri 2 weeks ago

    Ba Anthony Bwalya what is being brought to light is just like a make part of the iceberg. Our friends have plundered we see how they are living lavishly. We wonder how they have become rich over a short period of time. When one raises a finger they respond that ama jealous. When you point out their wrongs they say SONTA PO. When we say Bally and UPND Alliance will fix it. They respond that HH should tell the Zambians how he is going to fix it. Come on fixing Zambia’s fallen apart state of affairs is like going in exam room with your own answers how do you tell others when you want to come top of the exam. Sometimes the responses from ba PF is very much laughable.

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    Muntu 2 weeks ago

    Seriously $100 million looted at a time when the government has failed to buy vaccines for covid,we are depending on donated vaccines whilst PF cadres insult us showing off looted money and calling us lazy ati “work hard”

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    Pf days are numberd…
    Rubbish must be berried where it belongs…