PF has failed and Amos Chanda is childish – Guy Scott

GOVERNMENT has failed and it is childish for Amos Chanda to defend it, says Dr Guy Scott. During ZNBC’s Sunday Interview, President Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson, Chanda, accused Dr Scott and Wynter Kabimba of sabotaging the fuel importation system in order to make President Lungu fail to govern.

“By the time President Lungu was being sworn in, there was half a day’s stock of fuel. How did that happen, did he drink that fuel? What was Dr Scott doing? We were told when Sata was unwell, some minister…Mr Kabimba said that there was a holy trinity, himself, Mr Scott, they were the A team. These were the people who were running the economy at a time the stocks for fuel had been depleted. So if the crisis was created by them only to sabotage the President who would come, they must have gotten it wrong because he sorted out the fuel crisis,” said Chanda. But Dr Scott said Chanda was childish, making the government look childish. “Amos is a very childish man. It is beyond imagination that the interim president for three months can do that (sabotage the importation of fuel).

I was also campaigning for Edgar Lungu at the same time able to catch on deals, what kind of logic is that? If we wanted, if somebody wanted to embarrass the government or something like Edgar Lungu, he would do it before the election,” Dr Scott said. He wondered how, when he acted as Republican president, he could be involved in the procurement of oil. “Where from? Under what arrangement? I mean you have the Minister of Energy, you have the ERB (Energy Regulation Board) the ZPPA (Zambia Public Procurement Authority) and all these people; do you think somebody like the vice-president can simply pick up the phone and say order me some oil? Yes, they have failed to manage the economy but I mean if Amos is going to be the spokesman for the government, we expect the government to look childish because he makes it look childish,” Dr Scott said. “It is not even worthy suing him because he is not worth the respect of living in the land, the respect of taking him to court, it is such a cheap story. He is lowering the average middle-age in government. He should stick to his current problems that may be he understands”.

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