PF has failed Northern province – Munaile

FDD aspiring Candidate for Malole constituency Emmanuel Munaile says Northern province and Malole constituency in particular has been short changed by the Patriotic Front despite the massive support they enjoy from province and Constituency respectively.

Mr. Munaile observed that despite the people of Northern province overwhelmingly voting for the PF in both the 2011 general election and the 2015 Presidential election, the province continues to leg behind in development and its people impoverished.

He adds that even the infrastructure which is in his constituency is that which was left by the previous government of the MMD as the PF government has only made promises which are yet to come to fruition.

“We don’t want to just politic but what we are saying is that we also want a share of the development which we are being told is taking place in our country.

We have no roads apart from Mwingu – Kasama road, clinics and roads are nothing to talk about as our women and children are walking long distances to find their nearest schools and clinics. As a leader in these communities I feel that as a province we have been short changed.

The province has massively supported the PF but they have not returned the favour to the voters who felt that they would get some development from voting out MMD,” lamented Mr. Munaile.

And Mr Munaile says the only way to alleviate poverty from households in the province is by ensuring that small scale farmers are supported to grow cash crops which will help them move from their destitution.

Mr. Munaile who is a former independent Parliamentarian in the same constituency notes that with enough support both technical and financial by government the people in province will move from their over dependence on fishing for their income to farming something he says is plausible as the Province is endowed with good soil and abundant water resources.

“We are endowed with good rains, a lot of water bodies and good soil which should help in terms of the supporting agriculture programs in the province but we are lacking the leadership to help people direct their energies to this sector which can help families move from poverty,” he said.

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