PF has failed to deliver development in Malambo – Phiri

UPND Malambo parliamentary candidate Peter Phiri says people in the area cannot vote for the PF because it is a reject.

And Phiri says those that have bought the MMD cannot use it because it is finished.

Meanwhile, MMD Mambwe district chairperson Zephaniah Kaleya says Phiri must respect MMD, which made him win Kakumbi ward election and subsequently became council chairperson.

In an interview, Phiri said PF had failed to deliver development in Mambwe district.

“I can’t say they have chances to win. I am scooping this seat, it’s automatic. In Chikunda we say ‘’mapila nimunda’’ (sorghum is a field). MMD has no influence on the ground, even if they try to support PF candidate Jacob Shuma. So the seat is mine. We just have to sensitise the people to come in big numbers and vote on that day, “ he said.

Phiri said UPND was the only capable party on the ground and he would not even need to work hard campaigning as victory was assured for him.

He said Shuma could never win the seat because people of Malambo were wise and knew that PF did not mean well for them.

He disclosed that people would never be cheated again as they had realised that PF had failed to run the country.

Phiri disclosed that PF made a lot of promises in 2011, which it had failed to fulfil.

He advised the electorate in Malambo not to refuse getting money from anyone, but instead teach them a lesson that votes were not for sale.

And Phiri said that MMD was finished and he does not regret having left the former ruling party.

“MMD is no longer a party as it was sold and I do not regret having resigned and joined UPND. I served as a councillor under MMD and I know what I am saying. But all councillors are supporting my move so that I can be elevated to become an MP, so that I can assist to resolve numerous challenges they are facing,” he said.

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