PF has failed to manage Covid crisis

PF has failed to manage Covid crisis


By: Anthony Bwalya

When the 1st and 2nd waves of COVID19 struck and ran riot, Mr. Hichilema was the ONLY leader who took decisive, corrective action and stayed home in order to give others a chance to live another day.

He put Zambians ahead of his political ambitions.

And while he stayed home, the PF and their surrogates were taunting him and mocking him…daring him to leave his house and go out and campaign. ( I have all of them on the record)

And while he led from the front, the PF and their “leaders” were all out campaigning, gathering super spreader crowds in a business as usual fashion.

Even right now, as Zambia battles the deadly 3rd wave, President Lungu, Madam Wina, Kambwili and a host of PF candidates are still incapable of taking their own advice on COVID19 – recklessly going out holding rallies and “inspecting” toilets and markets!!!

The only time these people will sit down and stop moving around is if and when they catch COVID19, and I hope they don’t… because if they do, they may face the same fate as all of us – a diabolical healthcare system that might not have enough oxygen to keep them alive!!!

It is this lack of leadership by the PF why Zambia is FAILING to respond to the 3rd wave:

1. Not enough bed space
2. Not enough oxygen leading to hundreds of avoidable deaths
3. Zambia is lagging in vaccine rollouts… behind war-torn countries
4. Not enough staffing levels
5. Not enough vaccines
6. Mortuaries and cemeteries are overflowing

In Bemba we say, “UKUTEKA IMBWA, MANO…”

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