PF has ill intentions for civil servants

PF has ill intentions for civil servants


By George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt Chairman.

It is always important to test the spirit behind every move by the PF Government. We keep animals and feed them very well but they will never know that we plan to burcher them some day. Civil servants have a problem of low salaries which they have tried to engage the PF Government for a reasobale pay but to no avail. Those who were outspoken have since been transfered to rural areas. Today as we speak families of civil servants are divided, divorced,scattered and some have resigned out of frustrations. They see ministers and Permanent Secretaries make big deals which only benefit them while they get pinnuts. It is foolishness to implement debt swaps without looking at the problem which led to debts by civil servants. Its like trying to cure symptoms instead of dealing with the root cause of a sickness. We must know what the problem is in this case. In medicine they say ” a sickness diagonised is half way solved” let us look at what has made civil servants to accumulate so much debt.

Every right thinking civil servant knows that the PF Government has become so desperate to win the forthcoming general election. Its like having a husband in a home who only becomes nice to his wife when he wants his conjugal rights fulfilled. What a shame! We all know that the debt swap will only run for 2 months to target the election date. Believe me or not, this has been done to get support of the civil servants as we get into an election. This is why the PF Government has been flushing money everywhere, to buy weak people off. We dont agree that the empowerments women and youths have been getting are for the purposes of developing them. They are simply for winning elections. We need a Government with a clear plan and vision to lift peoples living standards. To develop people for real. We are sick and tired of slavery empowerments for purposes of worshipping certain individu

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