PF has introduced another tax, says Chanda

PF has introduced another tax, says Chanda


The PF regime has introduced another tax from salaried employees as part of the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme starting from 1st July 2019, by deducting one percent from their payslips.

This is an another tax that was controversially  passed in parliament by the PF regime using the arrogance of numbers without any dialogue and wider consultation from major stakeholders such as trade unions and other political parties.

Why should the already heavily taxed citizens be burdened by more taxes with the reported looting of public resources by the corrupt PF regime to fund their lavish lifestyle?

This deduction from people’s salaries should be suspended until the following has been achieved

1. Citizens, particularly the taxpayers should know the benefits of this tax deduction.

2. We should know who are the fund managers for this tax in the same way we know who manages toll gate fees in this case NRFA  and NAPSA for pensions.

3. Hold dialogue with the trade union movement and fully agree on the implementation of this tax.

Our concern is also on the fact that there has been reported abuse of public resources that is being collected as taxes in similar manner.

The PF regime gave civil servants a paltry 4 percent increment this year after a long period of wage freeze, but now with one percent deduction, it effectively means they only gave them an insult of 3 percent as an increment amidst skyrocketing cost of living and doing business in the country.

This is the same PF regime that has been parroting the campaign of being a pro-poor party and came into office on the platform of low taxes and more money in people’s pockets.

*Percy Chanda*
*UPND Chairperson for Mines and Freedom Fighter*

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