PF has made another blunder


George Sichula.
NDC Copperbelt Chairperson

We already have information from our friends working in hospitals telling us that these COVID 19 figure
s being announced are just an excuse by Government to restrict the opposition especially the UPND. Everyone is aware that the numbers for UPND have grown from the last elections and PF needed to work extra hard to distort the numbers which from the look of things still not looking good.

The PF were advised that allowing HH to hold public rallies was not a good idea, but it seems rallies could have been better than road shows and door to door campaigns. Things are clear that advantage has already been given to the opposition to campaign on the ground. This is a very big mistake and a miscalculation by the PF Government. Our friends in the PF have disclosed to us. This is how come you see the police firing at HH to void humiliating the incumbent President and the Government of the day. The PF have really tried their level best. It all started with the manupilation of NRCs, deleting of the old voter register to allow for manipulation and to accomodate the under age. You can see that in all the UPND strongholds, numbers reduced drastically. This was done in a quest to reduce numbers in the provinces where the PF were not confortable.

It seems the PF have equipped the police with nuts and bolts to ensure HH is followed at every stage to disrupt his campaigns because leaving HH to campaign freely is the biggest mistake PF can ever make.

In bemba we say ” Imbwa taibosa icafwa” ( a dog does not bark at a dead thing). Its no longer a secret that the PF are scared of a man Hakainde Hichilema. How can the whole Government be fearing an armless man doing roadshows? Lungu is the commander in chief of the armed forces incharge of all security wings but fearing a man doing simple roadshows with no microphone.

As much as we accept the banning of rallies, we are fully aware that the PF are freely having public meetings everywhere across the Country but this still will not give advantage to a third termer and the PF. The PF is fighting a losing battle. We continue to demand for a free and fair election. Let every political party have an equal opportunity to campaign using every platform available. You can not stop or defeat a man who is not willing to be defeated, that is Hakainde Hichilema. Do not promote police brutality instead leave them to do their work professionally.

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