PF has no position on 50 plus 1 threshold-Mumbi Phiri

Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has disclosed that the Party has no official position on the 50 plus 1 threshold requirement in the draft constitution.

Phiri said Thursday that the party has not discussed the issue adding that it was up to the people to tell their members of parliament on what they want.

The 50 plus 1 threshold requirement for a presidential candidate to win an election was one of the issues on which the Patriotic Front campaigned on in 2011.

When the MMD presented the draft constitution in 2011, it failed to get the required votes after the PF and UPND members walked out because the MMD had removed the 50 plus 1 clause from the draft.

The PF wants to amend the constitution through parliament while contentious causes will be subjected to a referendum to  be held at the same time with the 2016 tripartite elections but has not clarified on which clauses are contentious or non contentious.

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