PF has nothing to boast about their 3 years in power- UPND Northern province

The opposition United Party for National Development-UPND in Northern Province says the PF Government has nothing to boast off in its three years it has been in power.

UPND Regional Chairperson, Stephen Mulenga told Mano News that the PF government has allegedly failed to fulfill its 2011 campaign promises in most sectors. 

Mr Mulenga cited the promise the PF made saying it will be paying farmers within 14 days after delivering their maize to the Food Reserves Agency. 

He argued that the PF should stop boasting of having delivered most of its promises to the people of Zambia saying it is merely working on projects which were initiated by the previous governments.

The UNPD Regional Chairperson has since challenged the PF leadership to clarify in which areas of development it has honored its promises.

But Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Wylbur Simuusa says the PF government has delivered most of the promises it made to the people of Zambia during 2011 campaigns.

Mr. Simuusa said government has managed to come up with favorable policies in the agriculture sector which in turn have addressed most of the challenges the farmers were facing.

He stated that farmers throughout the country are pleased with government’s efforts in ensuring that they are on top of the agenda.

Mr. Simuusa added that the opposition simply wants to blow issues out of proportion by claiming that the PF has not honored most of its promises.

Mr. Simuusa said most people are able to appreciate the work of the PF government in the first three years of being in office.

Radio Mano News

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